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EDC Split Pea Lighter
EDC Split Pea Lighter
EDC Split Pea Lighter
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EDC Split Pea Lighter

The Lighter You'll Always Need But Never Notice

Coming in at a towering 1.3 inches, The Every Day Carry Split Pea is the Muggsy Bogues of lighters. What it doesn't have in height it makes up for in quality, style, and love of the game. Give it a chance on the court and the Split Pea will out perform any other competitor.

The only time you'll have a problem getting the Split Pea to work is when you've misplaced it. So clip it to a belt loop, attach it to a set of keys, or throw it in with your loose change—you'll only notice it when you need it.


  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • 1.3" Height
  • .5" Diameter
  • Made in the USA