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  • Schon Design Pen
  • Schon Design Pen
  • Schon Design Pen
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The elusive perfect pen has finally been found.

Precisely weighted to write with; exactly sized in width and length to wield with ease: the Pen Project by Schon Design is coming exclusively to Ball and Buck on December 13th. Made of 6061 aluminum it feels sleek in hand and with a Fisher space pen cartridge, it can write anywhere – upside down, underwater or even, in space. The designer, Ian Schon, was a student of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Boston University, so he has the credentials to back up The Pen Project claims. Made in USA, The Pen Project is part of Ball and Buck’s American Field Movement. Started by Mark Bollman this Fall, its mission is to raise awareness for quality American brands and to inform consumers about the impact their purchase decisions have on the US economy.

Check out the Schon Design Pen's Kickstarter Page.


  • Body and Cap made from 6061 Aluminum
  • Custom Slotted Brass Setscrews
  • Pressurized ink cartridge from Fisher in Boulder City Nevada (spr4)
  • Made in California


  • Outer Diameter: 0.5"
  • Length Closed: 4"
  • Length Open: 5 3/4"
  • Setscrew: ¼-20, 3/8"


  • One Size


  • Schon Design
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • After several years of engineering school, I started to develop a passion for product design. I challenged myself to design an everyday object that I would be able to fabricate myself, embarking on a mission to design a pen to be carried with me every day.
    Recently, the project took a different form when I decided to do a manufacturing run of these pens. The project went from design and fabrication to a mission to keep this project local in Massachusetts, keep the footprint low and to take it to market. Over the past year I have worked hard to make this happen. Ian Schon, Founder of Schon Design