Schon Design Pen
Schon Design Pen
Schon Design Pen
Schon Design Pen
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Schon Design Pen

The Pen

Designed with the intentionality found more often in the blueprints of an airplane than an everyday object, The Schon Design Pen was created with the desire to interact. Engineer Ian Schon wanted to establish a relationship between a pen and its writer that would be unique, cultivated, and worn, rather than the traditional flippancy of scribbling a note and tossing the utensil aside. Schon's pen was going to last. Using materials made in the United States, each feature of the Schon Design Pen is crafted with purpose, from how it feels in your hand to how it fits in your pocket.  

So snag the last pen you'll ever buy, exclusively at Ball and Buck.

Check out the Schon Design Pen's Kickstarter Page.


  • Body and Cap made from 6061 Aluminum
  • 4" Length Closed and 5 3/4" Length Open
  • Custom Slotted Brass Setscrews
  • Pressurized Ink Cartridge from Fisher in Boulder City, Nevada (spr4)
  • Made in California, Designed in Boston, MA