Ball and Buck x Blaser Signature R8 Rifle

Just as diverse as hunting, so are the demands hunters place on their rifles. The Ball and Buck x Blaser Signature R8 is a rifle to travel the world with and meet any challenge. It’s not just a rifle, the German engineered R8 straight-pull bolt action modular platform allows hunters the flexibility to interchange calibers while providing unparalleled ergonomics and unequaled trigger performance. The most popular hunting rifle in Europe is fast, accurate, versatile, and reliable. The R8 possesses everything a passionate sportsman needs for a lifetime of service.


“Four years ago I began the journey to create the best rifle on the planet–one that combined Ball and Buck’s timeless and understated style on the outside and industry leading technology and performance on the inside,” said Mark Bollman IV, Founder of Ball and Buck. “With the precision engineering of German craftsmen and women, we took the iconic Blaser R8 Platform and infused our proprietary materials and design details to create an heirloom rifle that’s fit for a display case, but built to be used afield.”


The Ball and Buck x Blaser Signature R8 rifle begins its life with a hand carved stock and foregrip from high-grade walnut; it’s buffed with a smooth matte oil finish before it’s crowned with Ball and Buck signature leather and blaze orange accent stitching. The R8’s modular platform is built around a custom engraved matte black receiver offering differing stocks and barrels with a quick change using two screws and a hex key.


The rifle scope mounts on the barrel using Blaser’s proprietary mounting mechanism instead of directly on the receiver. This allows for the sight and barrel assembly to be removed and replaced with no change in zero for a smooth transition. The Ball and Buck x Blaser Signature R8 can be upgraded to include your choice of optic such as Blaser’s Infinity 4- 20x58iC scope or the B2 2-12x50iC scope along with a Grade 6 wood upgrade.


Every detail of this rifle was intentional from the 24k gold precision desmodromic trigger and bolt head to the gold-filled Arthur logo and Ball and Buck word mark. Each Signature R8 rifle comes with an individually numbered pistol grip cap marking the limited production and exclusivity of this unique brand collaboration.


A beautiful rifle wouldn’t be complete without an equally sophisticated case. The Signature R8 breaks down to the barrel, receiver, bolt housing and bolt head into a lockable multi caliber hard travel case with a leather handle and Ball and Buck original camo bag liners to keep your rifle protected during its travels.




The Most Innovative Rifle of the 21st Century


Small details yield big outcomes in product design. That’s why we believe the R8 is the most innovative rifle of the 21st century with the ability to go anywhere and meet any challenge with sophistication, simplicity, and reliability. This rifle is known for its straight pull radially locking bolt system, modularity, and barrel mounted scope mount. But it’s the small details you appreciate the most in the field, like the desmodromic trigger mechanism that doesn’t solely rely on spring tension to be reset. Its resets mechanically upon cycling the bolt, offering increased reliability, resistant from outside factors such as icy temperatures and heavy soiling in harsh conditions. Something we’re all too familiar with in the mountains of Colorado.




A Rich History of Craftsmanship


Blaser is located two hours Southwest of Munich Germany in the quaint walled city of Isny im Allgäu. The town holds a rich history of craftsmanship dating back to its origins in 1042 A.D. where it was a leader in linen production. Today the city is home to several precision manufacturing companies, the foremost being the incredible craftsmen and women at Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH.


Since its founding by Horst Blaser in 1957, Blaser has built a reputation as a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium shotguns and rifles for the hunting and sporting community with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Blaser only mills from solid blanks for quality and lasting shooting accuracy. Be it highly tempered steel, forged light-metal alloys or precious walnut wood; they are brought together with artistic precision. Every Blaser hunting weapon is an investment for generations.


“It was a pleasure bringing Mark’s vision to life and building a custom R8 that represents both brands so cohesively,” said Christian Socher, CEO, Blaser GmbH. “We are excited to introduce this elegant R8 rifle to Ball and Buck customers who, like our own clientele, appreciate superior performance and exceptional craftsmanship.”



Featured Models & Pricing


Signature R8
Signature R8 B2 Scope
Signature R8 Infinity Scope






1. Quick Change Caliber Selection From .22 LR To .458 Win Mag
2. Custom Engraved Receiver, Bolt Assembly, and Trigger Frame
3. 24k Gold Precision Desmodromic Trigger and Bolt Head
4. Grade 5 Walnut Stock & Forearm with Matte Oil Finish
5. Signature Ball and Buck Leather Inserts with Blaze Orange Stitching
6. Ball And Buck Gold Filled Logos
7. Individually Numbered Pistol Grip Cap
8. Multi Caliber Hard Case with Ball and Buck Camo Lining