44 Farms Angus Beef

44 Farms was a recent discovery for our content producer Nico Moreno. He loved their product so much, he asked if he could make a journal about it. 

Nico grew up in a no red meat household. Until about two and a half years ago, he has never eaten steak. Since then, he has traveled the world eating at top steak houses. Keen’s, Peter Lugers in NYC, Ved Kajen in Copenhagen, B&B in Houston, The Oak Door in Japan, and the list goes on. 

Needless to say, if Nico says its a good product, we have no reason to doubt him. 

When we were producing the content for the dove hunt, our meals consisted of dove, pheasant, eggs, alcohol, and of course… steak. Morgan, a restauranteur in Texas, provided us with one of the best meat products I have ever tasted, a dry aged bone in cowboy ribeye form 44 Farms.

I had to have this steak at home, so I did my research. 

1909 was the first year S.W. McClaren branded his cattle with the big “44” and now for over 100 years, the tradition and story of 44 Farms lives on. The story and brand is not kept alive by investors, outside companies or business men, but by direct decedents of S.W. McClaren himself, Robert and Janet. 

Upon learning the history of the brand I was hooked and had to keep exploring the site. Recipes, videos, photo galleries, and a brand voice which is second to none, is what stuck with me when browsing, but what I took away was an 8oz USDA choice tenderloin. 

What to expect: 

When I received the package, it was in a brown box, when I opened the box, I revealed a styrofoam cooler. I opened the cooler and there they were. 4 (minimum order) 44 Farms 8oz USDA. It came just in time for breakfast so why not make some steak and eggs. 


I like my steaks medium. So in these pictures, I will be demonstrating how to cook this particular steak medium. 

First I will let the steak defrost. takes about an hour or so depending upon which method you use. I prefer putting the steak in a zip lock and then putting it into a bowl of warm water. 

Once the steak is defrosted, I salt and pepper the heck out of it. 

I then let the butter melt in the pan. I use butter because it helps caramelize the meat. 

I put the steak on a medium - low heat for 15 minutes and rotate every 3 minutes to 5 minutes to cook each side evenly. 

Once the steak is nearing completion, I put the eggs on the stove. 

Once the eggs are done I serve both.

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