Found: How to Bag the Upland Flyers

Here at Ball and Buck we’re big fans of vintage artifacts, objects that were made by crafted hands and those that tell a story. This is why we’re particularly excited to share this great piece originally published by the good people at Federal Cartridge Corporation (now known as Federal Premium Ammunition). 

“How to Bag the Upland Flyers” is a little book measuring 4x6 inches and just 14 pages long, with tips about hunting, game characteristics and preparing your harvest. There’s no publishing date, but a little online sleuthing reveals that it was likely produced around 1954.Perhaps it was distributed at hunting stores or it came with a case of shells? We’re not sure. But the beautiful artwork, and authoritative writing by Ammunition Expert Harold Russell, are absolutely on point, so on point, it’s still be enjoyed some 60 years after originally be produced. That’s quality, and just one small example of a classic piece that inspires us here at Ball and Buck. 


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