Gamey S'mores

We all know what a s'more is, the ingredients, and how to make one. The classic graham cracker dessert sandwich with melted marshmallow and Hershey chocolate is as tried-and-true a recipe as there can be. 

And sure we can debate the best techniques for making one. How how do you like your marshmallow? Do you melt the chocolate? Toast the cracker on the grill? These are techniques that have been debated over many a campfire. 

But get the Ball and Buck crew together late night around a campfire and some interesting culinary innovation happens, especially when it comes to the s’more. This summer after adding bacon to the classic campfire dessert (yes a s’more with bacon), we took it a bit further. 

We present what is perhaps the gamiest s’more ever created, The Pheasant Duck S’more. It’s truly a culinary triumph and indulgence, and easily one of the strangest s’mores ever created. A s’more with roasted wild pheasant and wild duck cooked into the molten marshmallow. Savory meets sweet. Wild meets tame. And mouths water everywhere.  

For those less adventurous eaters out there, don’t worry, we did many traditional s’more as well. Because really, you can’t make perfect more perfect, but you can try. 

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