The Ball and Buck Signature Plaid

What does it take to develop a true signature plaid? A journey into the history of tartans for one. CEO Mark Bollman began research into signature tartans and plaid starting back in 2012.  

Plaids, or tartans as they’re known in Scotland, traditionally represent regions, districts and clans. They are traditionally made from naturally-dyed wool, with alternating bands of colored threads, to create a criss-cross pattern at right angles. By overlapping colors in various patterns, the warp and the weft, the two directions threads run to create the textile, create diagonal lines and the appearance of new colors on the tartan.

Tartans were traditionally used for kilts in Scotland as well as long pieces thrown over the body, like large scarves, and for blankets. Some of the oldest known tartans date back to the 3rd century.

Like with the Ball and Buck Signature Camo that is integrated into the products meant for the field, we knew we needed a second signature pattern designed for products off the field.  The color inspiration stemmed from all things Ball and Buck, earth tones like greens, browns, olives, and a signature pop of blaze orange for a nod to our sporting roots. We added a band of navy to anchor it all together.

“It’s understated but has a pop of color,” says Bollman. “This fabric is something that really represents what we do.” Namely that its deeply rooted in the field and tradition, and it’s made of the absolute highest-quality materials.

So this it. This is the Signature Plaid you’ll see our products for years to come.  Just like with our signature camo, one glance at this plaid and you'll know it's Ball and Buck.

Some of the Ball and Buck products made with our Signature Plaid. 

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