The Ball and Buck Signature Leather

When we set out to create our Signature Leather, we knew there was pretty much only one company we wanted to partner with: Horween Leather Company. Founded in 1905, Horween is undoubtedly one of the most respected, if not the most respected, leather tanneries in the country.

Their leather ends up in the finest shoes, horse tack, belts and bags all over the world. For us, it was a natural choice. Our Signature Leather is a Latigo Leather. That means it’s a combination chrome and veg tan, which gives it incredibly durability. Horween sources their hides from all over the upper midwest. The team at Horween hand picks the best hides, and the top 15 percent go into creating Ball and Buck’s Signature Leather. It takes the craftsmen at Horween 30 days, with some 35 steps in total, to process our Signature Leather. No detail is overlooked.

Latigo Leather is one of the oldest tans that Horween offers. It was traditionally used in the creation of horse tack because it’s moldable and tough. During the 80’s, Latigo was used frequently for the creation of cowboy boots for the same reason. It also wears beautifully. Thanks to the texture of our Signature Leather, the wear occurs differently over the peaks and valleys making for a unique patina. That’s another reason we chose it for our Signature Leather products.

At Ball and Buck, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to designing and making our products, which is just one reason we’re proud to offer Horween’s high-quality leather in our Signature Leather products. At Horween no corners are cut, and leather is made for life. Just we like it.

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