Ball and Buck and Cone Mills

When we set out to make two new pairs of denim in our 6 Point fit, we knew we wanted shuttle loom woven denim, so we went right to the source in Greensboro, North Carolina. The 6 Point Denim, Selvage and 6 Point Denim, Distilled Indigo are made in Los Angeles of White Oak Cone Mills denim.

North Carolina’s Cone Mills started spinning out fabric in 1891, and by 1908 the company was the world’s largest producer of denim. So when it came to finding the best USA made denim, we didn’t have to look to far. 

At their White Oak plant, much of Cone Mill’s denim is still woven on shuttle looms from the 1940’s, with workers with over 50 years of experience operating them.  

Both new pairs of denim feature the same classic 6 Point fit you’ve come to know in our other pants. We added the details we love like Camo Pockets and also a few new ones you’ll only find in Ball and Buck denim, like Shotgun Shell Rivets and a reinforced Cordura nylon seat seam. 

After many months of development, we hope you’ll enjoy Ball and Buck denim as much as we are.  

For more details see the The 6 Point Denim, Selvage and the The 6 Point Denim, Distilled Indigo

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