The Shirt That Started It All

Its been over 3 years since you helped us fund our most iconic and best selling product of all time.

Our goal was to to make the best quality shirt in the world--a product that can stand up whatever adventures you throw at it and look good doing it.  You joined the Ball and Buck philosophy of conscious consumerism and pioneered the idea that the value of Ball and Buck products go up in value the day you take them out of the store.

September 25th, 2012 marked the official introduction of The Hunter's Shirt. We are proud that even to this day, it continues to be the driving force behind Ball and Buck-taking on an almost iconic status with our most loyal customers.

With over 10,000 sport shirts sold to date, The Hunter has become a shirt worn by those who only accept the best when it comes to quality. Since that first sample in 2011, the shirt has grown from the original three staple oxfords to over 100 different patters, colors, and materials.  Its also the grandfather to all of our other shirt styles including The Scout Shirt, The Angler's Shirt, and The Mariner's Overshirt.

Being a product that's designed to be as comfortable in the boardroom as the field, we're obsessed with discovering and integrating new materials and applications for our beloved shirt.  One that we're particularly proud of is our heavy-duty field specific shirt we launched this past fall: The Hunter's Shirt, Upland Edition

While a lot has changed since our first Hunter's Shirt was sold in 2012, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship has never been stronger.

We hand cut and sew our materials with two of the best manufacturing partners in the United States including our original Hunter's Shirt facility in our hometown of Boston, MA.

Still made with double needle stitching, the world's highest quality materials, our reinforced shooting shoulder,  and double elbow patches, The Hunter's Shirt is truly an item that will last for generations. 

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