Cooking the Perfect Trout

Recipe for fresh-caught river trout.

Prep time approx. 5min

Cook time approx. 8min


1/2 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Butter
1 Lemon

1 Trout

Gear: Handmade Fishing Net, Walnut | Limited Edition Buck Folding Hunter

Few activities have the satisfaction of completeness like that of fishing and consuming your catch. Yet the downside of preparing a meal while out in the field can be too much time spent away from the activity you trekked all the way out there for. Here's our simple remedy and recipe for having a quick but delicious meal.

Start by building your fire as you will use the coals once they have had a chance to burn through a bit. Apply salt to your liking on both the outside and inside cavity of the fish and place a liberal amount of butter inside the fish. Wrap your fish in a folded pocket of tin foil and allow some space for steam. Finally, make a base with the hot coals and place the packet directly on the coals for approx. 4min of cooking time per side.

Once finished, your trout should be perfectly cooked with some char on the outside and flaky meat on the inside. Unfold your packet, squeeze some lemon on the fish and enjoy your meal.

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