Spearfishing 101

Where: Antigua, Caribbean Sea.

What: Spearfishing 101.

Gear: Premium Waxed Cotton Hat | Katin Boardshort

We've covered other types of fishing before in various places around the USA but while we were on our Antiguan Escape we decided to take full advantage of the moment and try our hand at spearfishing. At its foundation, spearfishing combines snorkeling and fishing. Having a mastery of the former will definitely help with the latter. To get started, practice moving about your chosen environment (reefs and rocks are best) with as much stealth as possible. Under the water, this means minimizing noise and bubbles which will scare off the fish. Proximity to the fish will greatly increase your shot-to-catch ratio - there's a learning curve here but with practice there will be payoff.

As with many outdoor activities, spearfishing requires awareness and priority of safety. We hope you choose to adventure with friends or family and wish you all the best in catching your next fresh meal. See you in the field.

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