Ball and Buck Sourcing : Finding the Best Materials In the World

Sourcing the highest quality materials on the planet

Here at Ball and Buck we are committed to one thing: bringing you the highest quality, longest-lasting products in the world. We’ve built our company on this core conviction.

We scour the world to find the finest materials and we use these to domestically cut and sew our products right here in the U.S.A. Our factory partners are spread out all over the country.  We make shirts in Boston, Massachusetts, pants and shorts in New York City, hats in Texas and even our Die-Cut Roger Stickers are made in California. On each of our individual product pages, we include the location each products has been pridefully crafted.  

While every product sold at Ball and Buck is turned from raw material into a finished product on American soil, there are times when sourcing the highest quality viable materials means having to look to other countries like Italy (Italian Merino Wool), Portugal (world famous brushed flannel) or the U.K. (inventors of waxed cotton).  Even in these instances, we search for ways to increase the domestic origin of those goods.  For example, on the majority of our shirting fabrics, the pima cotton is grown right here in the U.S.A. and is then sent to the best mills in Europe to be dyed and made into fabric, then it comes back home to be made into your favorite shirt.

During the 1980’s, many companies in the United States went out of business and their machinery was sold to foreign countries.  Along with the sale of that machinery went the capability to create high quality woven shirting fabric domestically.  We found a couple factories who were able to make a single weight oxford cloth shirt for us, as long as we bought 15,000 yards of fabric, and only wanted the color white. We knew that wouldn’t satisfy our desire to deliver beautiful plaids, ginghams, stripes, and hunting inspired patterns, so we began a search.  We quickly found that although the U.S. lost a large majority of its shirting fabric production during the outsourcing craze, Europe never sold its mills.  We found a mill there that had the original mills in addition to newer state-of-the-art mills, and we knew then we had found a partner that could produce the quality that we required.

Unlike shirting mills, there is still a domestic mill here at home in North Carolina that produces the finest denim in the world.  Cone Denim, with their White Oak Plant in Greensboro, has been a supplier of denim fabrics to the best apparel companies since 1891.  They still use the original shuttle looms that produce a beautiful and unique denim that looks as great right off the shelf, as it does when the natural indigo wears into a beautiful fade over time.

Waxed Cotton, one of our signature materials, was created in the U.K. by one of the oldest and longest running companies in the country. Waxed cotton was originally used by British sailors to help protect them against the unpredictable weather on the seas.  We source some of our waxed cotton from the same mill that produced those very first waxed cottons.  We have also found a domestic supplier that supplies waxed cotton for jackets and hats.

When we set out to create our Signature Leather, we knew there was only one company we wanted to partner with: the Horween Leather Company of Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1905, Horween is undoubtedly one of the most respected— if not the most respected— leather tanneries in the world. Our Signature Leather is a Latigo Leather. That means it’s a combination chrome and veg tan, which gives it incredible durability. Horween sources their hides from all over the upper Midwestern United States. The team at Horween hand-picks the best hides, and the top 15 percent go into creating Ball and Buck’s Signature Leather. It takes the craftsmen at Horween 30 days, with some 35 steps in total, to process our Signature Leather. As with everything we produce at Ball and Buck, no detail is overlooked.

Trimming and zippers come from Scovill and YKK; two of the oldest companies producing these goods in our nation. Our white buttons are sourced from Mckee Buttons and our thread is from American & Efird which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of sewing thread based in Mt. Holly, North Carolina.

All of our patterns are stillhandmade and printed about 10min from our design warehouse in New York City.

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