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The art of barbering is precise; it takes care, confidence, and an eye for the details.  Your barber is an engineer and an artist mixing the best of both fields to make you look and feel good. 

Salim grew up around his father's barber shop. Every day after school he would go to his fathers shop and do his homework amongst the clippings and powder of freshly cut hair. As Salim says, "some things are just in your genes." Before becoming a barber Salim studied and became an engineer. Its this experience as a civil engineer that lets him treat each cut and shave as if they were fine works of machinery. Salim also was a barber while living in Iraq for the United States Army giving our troops the cuts and shaves they needed while on the battlefield. 

Learn more about Salim as we asked him some questions about why he joined this brotherhood of barbers and what he likes to do when not in the shop.

Q: What do you like most about being a barber?

A: The most enjoyable reason to be a barber is to help men look and feel their best! You have the ability to completely change how someone feels about themselves and give them confidence. 

Q: What is your favorite style of haircut?

A: Too hard to pick just one but my favorites include a medium length skin fade into a trimmed beard, this is one of the more popular cuts these days. I also like the side parting classic which was particularly popular in from the 20's-40's but was made popular again in the 60's and again recently. 

Q: Do you have a favorite product or hair recommendation? 

A: A good pomade, I use Malin+Goetz which has a firm hold, but has a modern matte finish and doesn't leave a flaky residue behind. 

Q: When your not cutting hair what do you like to do?

A: I like to get outside I fish a lot and play soccer. 

Q: Do you miss being an engineer? 

A: I loved being an engineer but I like being a barber more. I still read a many civil engineering books and use that level of accuracy and precision when cutting hair. But the look on a satisfied customers face is unmatched by anything else. 

Q: Being a barber is often compared to being an artist. Do you do any other forms or art? 

A: I do a lot of drawing in my spare time, classics like Picasso are some of my favorites. 

Sitting down in that chair as the straight edge razor glides through the rich foam slicing through your neck hair you know your life is in good hands with Salim. Trusted by soldiers, ball players, and everyday guys Salim knows how to make you look sharp.

Schedule your appointment here for your next cut, shave, buzz, or beard trim with one of our Master Barbers. 

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