Better with Age: The 6 Point Denim

By field testing every product before offering it to our customers, we are able to guarantee that our gear will hold up to anything you throw at it. We don’t craft gear to stay shiny and new, we craft gear with pride knowing that you can beat it to hell and use it for years to come. Our Better with Age products have been field tested by lifestyle enthusiasts and have shared their adventures with us. 

In this edition of the Over + Under Journal, brand enthusiast Ry Yennie tells the story of his 6 Point Denim which he wore over 8,000 miles of field testing during a cross country motorcycle adventure. From Miami to Vancouver, this denim took a beating. 

Putting on my Ball and Buck 6 Point Denim, Selvage for the first time, I sat in a wicker chair in Little Havana, Miami, sipping on the Cuban version rocket fuel: 4 tablespoons Cuban espresso, four tablespoons sugar. From sunrise to sunset my denim baked and began to fade in the hot tropical sun while canvasing Miami in the dense summer air. Fueled up by coffee, first up on the cross country road trip was a quick 700 mile jaunt on two wheels to Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first highway ride for me and my fresh raw denim. 

After stopping for some of the best fried chicken and an evening at the historic southern plantation we hopped in the saddle to continue our journey. By the next evening, the 6 Point Denim was put through one of the toughest challenges of the journey. Heavy rain and dirt pounded against the rigid denim and my bike. Rough conditions put us to the test, leading me to my first wipe-out on the mud soaked ranger trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Draped over a tree branch, my denim began to show signs of its patina as they dried overnight. Continuing our journey the next days travels led us through Tennessee and into St. Louis passing through the St. Louis Arch...the gateway to the West. 

After a brief stop we continued on our tour; over 300 miles through Kansas City into the Colorado Rockies.  The 107 degree summer heat was intense, grinding us down.  After four long days on the road I took the opportunity to rinse off my Roger Tee and 6 Point Denim with a hose and get some much needed rest. 

We came out of the Rockies to see Utah's massive sandstone plateaus following the long curve of the highway.  At this point, my denim had been blasted with wind and sand storms, dust tornadoes, and exhaust from every 18-wheeler passing. Taking form and character, my 6 Points were intensified by weather and the spirit of the adventure.  Next stop - Salt Lake City. 

My and my 6 Points setting up camp for the night and getting some much needed rest. 

The longest day of the journey started on a cool morning - a 1022 mile ride from Salt Lake City to Seattle. Riding the Oregon Trail, we crossed cattle grates and long parched rolling hills. We rode south of the deep blue Colombia River peppered with white caps and kite-boarders ripping across the water. High winds forced the seams of my denim to feel glued to the tank as they were beaten and blown on the road for hours. We rolled in Seattle shortly before midnight after seeing over the dense forests of western Oregon. Awakened by the stunning sight of Mt. Rainer and sipping jet-boiled cup of coffee we took in the beauty of Mirror Lake. Crossing the border to another fiery sunset atop Cyprus Mountain overlooking Vancouver. 

8 days later we had traversed the country, logging over a dozen hours a day on the bike and averaging over 500 miles a day. From morning to night we weathered storms, played witness to random fellow gas station travelers and an occasional bouts of road rage. All while eating amazing meals in amazing restaurants to homemade dinners over an open fire. We saw Americas finest. The 6 Point Denim, Selvage have become a piece of the journey, they are mine and can hold their own wherever they travel and whoever they meet. 

See more adventures from Ry @thesterlinglife and in our Over + Under Journal and share your own story with us @ballandbuck and #betterwithage

Gear: The 6 Point Denim, Selvage | The Roger Tee, Natural | The Folding Hunter Knife, Heritage Walnut | The Roger Die-Cut Sticker 

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