Buffalo Turkey + Stuffing Recipe

You guys need to try this recipe out for a Friendsgiving, or family gathering this year! 

To make our famous maple syrup sweet potatoes, you will need brown sugar and maple syrup. Place the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes to soften. Slice the potatoes, put the brown sugar and maple syrup on the sweet potatoes, and bake for 6 minutes at 350 degrees. 

You will need a turkey, hot sauce, stuffing, celery, onions, butter, sage, rosemary, and thyme. 

Cut the onions into cubes.

Cut the celery once down the middle and then chop it like so. 

Peel the leaves off your herbs. 

Chop the rosemary. 

Combine the ingredients into a pan of butter. Cook until the onions are slightly transparent. 

Add the stuffing, and mix until it it moist and mushy. 

Heat butter and hot sauce mix with kosher salt. Slightly peel back the skin of the turkey and pour the buffalo sauce into the turkey. Baste the turkey every so often while cooking. 

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