Cape Cod Striper Fishing

We started early in the morning, fresh with a pot of coffee and a quick version of Mark’s famous bacon egg and cheese sandwiches before we headed to Sesuit Harbor to board the Salt Shaker. A trip out on the water is always a special occasion but this trip was more exciting than most because I was able to take my family out on the water for their first fishing trip on the open seas.

Capt. Dan immediately set west out of Sesuit Harbor as we reviewed the course with First Mate Nick. The morning hours proved to be rough with nothing but a nibble on the line. While we struggled to find our stride, it gave us the time to perfect our jigging skills and enjoy a beautiful Northeastern summer day. 

My sister was the first to break the dry streak, with the quick tug and a “Fish-On” shout, she pulled in her first (EVER) fish; a 29 inch keeper. After the initial shock about being the first to catch her prize, the excitement of guaranteeing our dinner finally sank in and she proudly showed her catch.

After the first catch, the fish began to appear more and more often and the ladies took the day with two keepers. My wife, Ashley, who too had never caught a fish, reeled in the catch of the day. A whopping 34 incher. A few hours later, Nick began to fillet the fish as we head back into shore with the sunset behind us. 

After about 5 hours on the water and a classic lobster roll at the famous Sesuit Harbor Café we headed back to our quaint pond before grilling up our catch. It was a special day of firsts. Not only did we leave with a few fish, supplied dinner, but for those who had never caught a fish had found a new calling. We finished the night with some fresh margaritas and the fillets grilled seasoned with fresh herbs, salt and pepper. When it’s this fresh you let the fish speak for itself.

Fishing on the Cape is almost as much about sharing the passion and learning as it is about actually reeling in the fish. We flock like the gulls to the water in search for that perfect striper every summer.  It’s an honor to watch those who’ve never pulled in a fish to become comfortable with the gear and fish themselves.  Ashley and I are lucky to be able to escape the Boston summers and spend our free time on the Cape with our family and friends. 

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