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At Ball and Buck, nothing makes us more proud than seeing our customers creating stories and experiences in their gear. We design each product with purpose and the intention of it being used to create your own story with- which is why we love sharing those experiences with all of you. 

We recently spent some time with renowned architect and customer, Keith Summerour, in Atlanta, GA. With over twenty years of experience, Keith has designed structures internationally and written two books on his most significant successes. From one craftsman to another, we visited Keith in his design studio in Atlanta down to his sportsman's retreat in South Georgia to learn more about what inspires him in his career and hear what connects him to the brand we’ve built.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your career in architecture?

A: I’ve always been interested in design. After graduating from Auburn University, I started my business in 1991. We’ve designed buildings around the world and even had an office in Florence, Italy for a time, and I’m still a board member of the Florence Academy of Art there. Our primary focus is on residential homes that are outdoor oriented, but also work with boutique hotels and destination resort.

Q: Where does your love for the outdoors come from?

A: Well, I grew up in Alabama and my dad was a professor of wildlife science, so that probably had something to do with it. Growing up he was always in the outdoors, and I’m sure I picked up a thing or two from him. Until I was 16, I spent every summer working at my Grandfather’s dairy farm. I’ve always wanted that same feeling of open space around me.

Q: How does your passion for the outdoors impact your design process?

A: As often as possible, I’ll try to incorporate native materials from the land itself. Of course, the availability of certain materials effects the design itself. For instance, I wouldn’t bring in stone from another state because it just wouldn’t look right in the landscape.

Q: What are the most important factors that you look for when purchasing clothing?

A: The details are really important to me. They speak to a different aesthetic and way of looking at clothing. I appreciate that about Ball and Buck. There’s a level of detail I appreciate for what gets incorporated into the clothing. Even the small things like the orange stitching matter to me, especially since orange is my favorite color.

Q: Glad you mentioned Ball and Buck, what is it about our products that you appreciate most?

A: Most outdoor gear was big and boxy, then along came Ball and Buck creating gear that fit me off the rack. I’ve been buying your stuff for years and its noticeable that the product was getting more thoughtful in its design approach. It’s always good seeing a brand evolving over time.

Q: Do you have any favorite Ball and Buck products?

A: Right now, it’s probably The Harrington Jacket. This time of the year it’s become my jacket for everything. I love that it’s lightweight but my favorite part is actually the plaid lining. I’ve been wearing the shirts for years and then started getting other stuff like the pants and leather products. It’s been addicting once I start getting used to the wearability of one thing I’m ready for the next.

Check out our Sportsman's Guide to see all of Keith's looks throughout the journal and some of his favorite Ball and Buck gear. Stay tuned to see more of our time spent with Keith Summerour in an upcoming Over + Under Journal featuring our time at his sportsman's retreat - the focus of his most recent book. 

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