Dispatch | Newport Off-Shore Fishing

5:00 AM Saturday morning, the sun nearly an hour from rising, marks the start to an adventure on the water. Arriving at the dock in Newport, Rhode Island Jason Crabtree and his father traveled from Texas to take part in a trip of a lifetime. The weather was questionable all week and the winds were expected to be a worthy adversary but Capt. Gregg Weatherby, Jason and his father took the bull by the horns and set sail towards Block Island Sound. 

A year ago Jason was the sole winner of the thousands of entries to go on this signature off-shore fishing trip with Capt. Gregg of Weatherby Anglers and Ball and Buck.  FIghting off the rain, and with a bright sunny day Capt. Gregg, donning a pair of Anglers Sunglasses,  took the party out onto the choppy New England waters. 

It didn't take long before Jason hooked a bluefish bringing in the biggest catch of the day.  Certainly not the largest but a solid 25+ pounds. Jason who is a skilled angler spends most of his time fishing off the Texan coast line in the gulf of Mexico. 

No true fishing trip goes without the story of the one who got away. Jason can attest to the 30-40lb bluefish who breached and spit out the hook after quick fight which we clearly lost. It was a great day on the water with good friends and clear blue skies. 

Gear | The Anglers Sunglasses, The Anorak 2.0, The Anglers Hat +, 12-Pack of Narragansett Lager, and Salted Pretzels (the perfect remedy for a sea-sick angler).

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