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At Ball and Buck, we have a strong affection for the outdoors and make it a point as often as possible to break away from the city to enjoy each other’s company. The inspiration behind the brand we’ve built together provides the perfect escape to spend some quality time together.

A few weeks ago we got our first taste of Spring, making it just too good an opportunity to pass up.  We had to take advantage of the weather to head down to Addieville, RI for a little team building experience while doing some good old fashioned shooting clays and hunting pheasants.

Gear: The Upland Hat | The Field Grade Hunters Shirt, Upland Edition | The Field Grade Pant | The Harrington Jacket, Navy

After making the trek out to Addieville, we started with an in-depth overview of gun safety and a warm up shooting with clay pigeons. Believe it or not, this was the first time shooting for a few of our team members, so we knew this was a great way to field test some of our gear and capture some memories we never want to forget.

To see some of our past adventures clay shooting, we like to invite you to check out our time at both the Matt Light Foundation Celebrity Shoot-Out and the Wing & Barrel Ranch: Clay Shooting.

We were excited to get the team out in the field and watch them put their skills and gear to the test.  Even though it was her first experience with live game, Jess was a pro by the end of the day and bagged a total of three pheasants.  On the other hand, it was Jeremy's third time in the field and ended up with five pheasants, give or take one that may have gotten lost in the brush. 

Check out some of our previous team building experiences at the Ball and Buck 2016 Company Retreat and our last pheasant hunt at Addieville East Farm.

All in all, the short day trip was well needed and very successful.  There's something special about sharing the field with friends armed and fully decked out in field gear.  It's a mixture of pride and respect for what you're there to accomplish as a team, not to mention the heightened sense of alertness you feel on the lookout for the next pheasant to burst from the brush.

We won't soon forget that feeling of camaraderie we shared and the sense of accomplishment when the day was finished.  It's something we'll carry with us as we continue to make the highest-quality products to be used practically in the field.

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