Great Beers of Alaska

Alaskan Brewing Co. - Kolsch (Photo by Alaskan Brewing Co.)

The Alaskan Brewing Co. uses glacier-fed water and a unique blend of hops to craft the perfect kolsch. The freshness of the malt and the hops come together to create a refreshing and drinkable beer.

Skagway Brewing Co. - Spruce Tip Beer (Photo by Skagway Brewing Co.)

The Spruce Tip beer is brewed with spruce tips which gives it a unique flavor that appeals to both locals and tourists. The spruce tips “add a crisp kick to its creamy, slightly sticky body and floral zest to the fruit and spice flavor.”

Draft Magazine “50 Beers, 50 States” July 2009

Glacier Brewhouse - Imperial Pumpkin (Photo by Glacier Brewhouse)

The Imperial Pumpkin is the perfect fall beer. Reminiscent of pumpkin pie--nutmeg and cinnamon burst through this brilliant orange colored beer.

Midnight Sun Brewing - Portage Glacier (Photo by Midnight Sun Brewing)

Midnight sun brewing offers crisp clean flavor. The yeast is complemented with the hops to make it easy to drink.

Anchorage Brewing - Imperial Stout (Photo by Anchorage Brewing)

The Imperial Stout pours almost black and offers stout lovers notes of chocolate, whiskey and tobacco. This is a smooth stout with medium thickness.

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