The Holiday Edit | How to Layer Up For the Holidays

'Tis the season for layers, holiday parties, and strong cocktails to keep you warm.  Whether you're layering up for your office party or just a night out with friends, knowing exactly what to wear can be challenging. With a few key items, including staples like The Sportmans Blazer, The 6 Point Pants, The classic Hunters Shirt, and some cold weather accessories, you can create the perfect holiday look for any occasion.  We've teamed up with our good friend, John Philp Thompson in the city of Chicago to show us how to quickly be able to go from day-to-night, office party to night out with friends, and to show us the basics of layering any Ball and Buck styles.

When juggling multiple events it one day it's imperative to have one look that can easily be dressed up or down.  Made from 100% Wool Hopsack and lined with our signature plaid, The Sportsmans Blazer is appropriate in most any circumstance, whether it be for an evening of drinks at a hunting lodge or as a quick layer on a cold walk in the city. Layer it with our Hunters Dress Shirt and Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater to polish off the look and add additional insulation for dropping temperatures. In the winter months it's crucial to have a bag that can hold all your warm weather gear that you can access with ease. Outside of it's most common use for hunting, The Bling Bag allows ample storage for a quick change of shirt or accessories with space for a laptop or work documents. 

Wool is a naturally water repellent and insulating material solidifying its place in a winter wardrobe. Not only does it help with warmth, it's durable and requires minimal care.  Included in items such as Wool Gloves, Roger Knit Beanies and Woolen B&B Cap it's easy to find an item that is suitable to your style. Layer these with some 6 Point Pants and a Mariners Overshirt 2.0 in a durable and breathable wool to ensure protection from the elements.  

The simple act of adding and removing layers is enough to make an outfit feel brand new. Throw on an overshirt to make a style more casual or layer it with a blazer for a more formal style. All it takes is one piece to adapt a look from day to night. 

To see more from John Philp Thompson click here and check out our Over + Under Journal. 

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