John Dunaway

As the sun reached its northern most declination for the year, marked by the summer solstice, many people in Texas took shelter from its mighty rays of heat pouring down upon the land. These dog days of summer leave us longing for the coming hunting season, but it does not shy an outdoors man away from time-spent right where he belongs regardless of the season, outside. From Hankamer down the coast to Palacios, I found myself donning "The Sporting Gentleman" to accompany my feet on the many miles of these travels.

There were charcoals to be burned and oak logs to be smoked, shorelines to run down and ponds to be paddled across, thorn bushes for trimming and oak trees for chopping, poles to be casted and shotguns to be blasted.poles to be casted and shotguns to be blasted.

When the voice on the other end of the phone asks, "Hey would you like to come shoot skeet?" there is an immediate response from my mouth of "YES." Anything standing in the way can surely be rescheduled or cancelled all together. This was the exact process, which took place for our trip down the coast to attend an annual skeet shoot at my friend's bay house. Situated along the banks of Keller Bay, we worked around the 70 acre property as trucks pulled into the pasture and shotguns began filling the gun rack. With the sun descending in the West, people made their way into one of the 5
stands to commence the outing. 

"PULL" was called out and the first skeet went soaring across the skyline to meet its faith in a puff of clay dust. There were extraordinary doubles busted, but plenty of fearless flyers unscathed by a pellet throughout the afternoon. After cases of shells, the sun finally escaped behind the distant tree line to mark the end of an excellent day. Laughter continued on from the pasture to the fire pit where fajitas sizzled over the open fire. To our delight, cool beverages were shared amongst family and friends, both old and new until our eyes could no longer hold themselves open. It was a fine day to say the least and a sad sigh t to watch minimize in the rear-view mirror.

The mountains may be calling, but my heart is sufficed along the Texas coast.
poles to be casted and shotguns to be blasted.

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