Patagonia Lake Fishing | Rio Manso, Argentina

We spent much of 2016 traveling the world putting our latest gear to extreme field testing in locations we've only dreamed of visiting. As we looked ahead to 2017 we knew the only way to top it would be to see more , field test more, and travel more; so that's exactly what we did to kick off the new year. Located in Northern Patagonia near the border with Chile, Rio Manso Lodge was the destination for our South American fly fishing trip and the backdrop for one of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth.  The fishing season in Argentina runs from the beginning of November until the end of April, offering a unique blend of fish and fishing styles due to the varied channels emptying their remains into the river. Having the exact opposite fishing season from North America, South American fly fishing has become must-have escape for those looking to get back on the water in the winter months. 

Gear: The Thomas & Thomas x Ball and Buck Bamboo Fly Rod | Abel x Ball and Buck Fly Fishing Reel | Abel x Ball and Buck Zinger | Abel x Ball and Buck Nipper | The Angler Hat +, Olive | The Angler Shirt +, Wheat | The Anorak 2.0, Steel Blue

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