Hatchery Story: Harrington Jacket 2.0 - Navy Hopsack

When improving on a classic, it is all about the details. This Harrington, made from a fine gauge light-weight hopsack wool, furnished with antique brass hardware, and lined with our signature plaid, is our homage to the iconic Barracuda® G9. Eminently easy to wear, this 3-season jacket is decidedly practical. Throw it on or throw it off. Unpack it. Repack it. The hopsack fabric rolls instead of wrinkles, effortlessly handling whatever comes its way. From the damp mornings of early spring to the first ground frosts of the fall, this will be well suited for all but the most unforgiving weather.

We’re sure by now you’ve noticed that these last few images have quite a few close ups of the fabric – this jacket has a sort of subtle, rugged charm that doesn’t scream out from across the room. It’s not bright and flashy. Instead, it separates itself from the sea of imitators by staying true to our core values. Unfussy. Unpretentious. And sturdy as well, despite its light weight.

Speaking of weight, the brass hardware does just that – it gives it a heft- assuring that the jacket doesn’t flap around in the wind, if you choose to wear it unzipped. The age of the hardware has dulled its shine and replaced it with a wonderful patina that is sure to develop more over the years to come.


This  jacket is for the man who doesn't want to be flashy, but instead appreciates the satisfaction of wearing a classic, well made jacket. It will easily weather the trends as they come and go.

If you’re not a fan of waiting, we do still have some Harrington’s in stock. They sold out quickly, so all we have left are a few stragglers. Our last version, made with a dry waxed cotton canvas, it is a bit heavier, and while sacrificing some seasonal versatility, it makes up for it by being a bit better in the rain. A simple click here will take you to its page.

This new version features:
- Light Weight Navy Hopsack Wool
- Signature Plaid Lightweight 100% Cotton Lining
- Antique Brass Hardware and Zipper
- Ribbed Cuffs and Collar
- Water Resistant
- As of yet, unmade, but It will likely be made in New York

Care Instructions:

- Do Not Machine Wash or Dry Clean
- To Remove Soiling, Wipe Clean with Sponge and Cold Water
- Hang Dry

Now, what is the Hatchery?

The Hatchery allows us to test new products by collaborating with customers. By funding, you help us discover new gear and we make it for you. This is not a typical purchase. The Harrington Jacket 2.0 is not made and ready to be shipped at this point in time. By funding this product you are investing in the product line and therefore giving us the capital to turn this project into a reality.  If you invest in this product we will open the hood and take you through the production process step-by-step until your pridefully crafted new jacket is delivered to your door. 


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