Our Core Materials: Orignal Camo

The term "duck hunter" camouflage is most commonly applied to a pattern having a solid background with large, irregular shaped spots in a few varying colors. Duck Hunter camouflage can trace it's origins back to it's use during WWII  to the US M1942 spot color camouflage used primarily in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  Variations of the pattern were created over the years, between the 1960's - 1990's the pattern was adopted by huntsman as the preferred camouflage and quickly adopted by the hunting community. To this day, variations of duck hunter camouflage can been seen from field to fashion runways as it's popularity remains prevalent.  

Gear: The Upland Jacket | The Upland Vest | The Pocket Tee | Necktie, The Original Camo | The Original Camo Bow Tie

Our Original Camo was created by our CEO and founder, Mark Bollman, for use on and off the field.  Using the inspiration from the camo designs on his grandfathers hunting jacket, Mark adapted the design he experienced as a child to honor the legacy and heritage of the patterns worn by the US Military during WWII. We use the Original Camo throughout our collections as a technical detail for our field items and also as the perfect accent for our everyday products.

Check out the full Original Camo Collection in our shop and see the ways we use our other Signature Materials including our Signature Leather and our Signature Plaid in the Over + Under Journal. 

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