Tri City Brewery Michigan

On our way up to meet with Mark up in Michigan, we had some extra time to kill before he got to the meet up point. We started to search the area around the meet up point in Bay City Michigan for something to do. Bay City city is quite a charming place. There are a few antique shops, museums, a high end cigar shop, and a few breweries. We only had time to check out the town then head to at least one brewery. We chose Tri City Brewery because its on the way to the meet up point. 

When we pulled up to the brewery, we had the idea to document the visit. 

Tri City Brewery is exactly the kind of brand we like to feature in our journals. The facilities are well kept, a lot of care and attention is put into the details, and the community is very involved with the operation. Rick, a partner of the Trip City Brewery organization, explained to us the bottling is done a couple of times a month by voluntary labor of community members. Rick also showed us the chalk board. The chalk board is located in the main room of the brewery, and local artists come to draw on it. 

In all the bear, people, and atmosphere was incredible.  

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