Tyler Sharp

I took these shoes all over the place, in all kinds of outdoor conditions, and social situations, and they seamlessly transitioned from one to the next, with comfort and style I might add.

In the past several months since I’ve had these shoes, I’ve traveled close to 8,000 miles, meandered through 8 states, and kicked up a lot of dust while I was at it. These shoes have now seen the slimy mud on the banks of the Rio Grande in West Texas, the arroyo and cholla riddled high desert of New Mexico, the sprawling aspen & pine forests of the Rocky Mountain National Forest in Colorado, the chalky red dust of the Red River Valley in Oklahoma, the shores of several lakes, as well as the rolling plains of Montana & Wyoming. 

They even survived the relentless jaws of my 8 month old cowdog, who insisted they were his favorite toy. There are few shoes I’ve owned up to this point that could handle all of those different conditions, and perform as well as these did, as I didn’t once have to think “am I wearing the right shoes for this?” It was great to be able to just lace them up, and go, wherever, for whatever. A renaissance shoe to be sure. And this doesn’t even take the styling into consideration... Long have I been on a quest to find an active shoe that isn’t as casual as most, or make me feel dressed down in some way. For me, at least up to this point, active shoes only had a place during exercise, or on a trail, but these shoes have transcended that gap. I wore them to dinner parties, meetings, in airports, and on the road, and consistently got positive remarks, and even inquiries. “Patience, this is the final field testing, they’ll be available soon,” I would tell them with a smile. Well, now they are here, and I could not recommend them more highly, as they passed all of the rigorous tests that my travels threw at them.

Folks, we’ve got a footwear winner.

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