Wade Fishing | San Huberto Lodge Patagonia

This past year, we spend some time in Patagonia and had the opportunity to explore the region and take part in some of the most incredible fly fishing on earth. The 25,000 acre San Huberto Ranch is located north of Junín de Los Andes and is where we bunkered up for a few days of field testing our latest Angler Collection gear.  The Lodge itself sits at the edge of a 16.5 mile private stretch of the Malleo River and was the ideal location for putting the Thomas & Thomas X Ball and rod and Abel x Ball and Buck Super Series Reel to the test. 

Like most Patagonian trout rivers, the Malleo originates in a lake, high in the Andean Mountains. Nestled in the folds of dormant Lanín Volcano and surrounded by forests, Lake Tromen spills its waters to form the Malleo which then flows east for 30 miles to join the Aluminé river. The river is lined with a pebble bottom the river offering a healthy habitat for both rainbows and browns amongst some of the most breathtaking landscapes we've ever experienced.

With such epic views and amazing looking trout conditions you'd think it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but make no mistake, to fish these waters took some serious skill.  The width of the river was about 30ft at its narrowest and both banks were lined with willow trees.  If you aren't familiar with a willow tree Google them, because these bad boys were pretty much God's way of keeping fly fishermen honest.  Throw in medium gusting winds and fluctuating current speeds and it meant that not only did you need to thread the perfect cast into a 2ft circle that was surrounded by willow branches, but the line had to be mended constantly from when the line touched the water.  Some of the most difficult fishing we had ever done, but also the most rewarding making this trip a must do for any serious angler.  See more from our Angler Collection to get all the gear for your next fly fishing adventure. 

Catch of the day goes to @chrispauljacobs

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