Hunting Season: White-Wing Dove Season Opener

The city’s grasp slowly slid away as we drove south along the Texas coast. With each passing mile, towns became smaller and the landscape grew in expanse. This was bird hunting country. We turned off the asphalt road, watched a gate grant us access to a gravel road and knew we had arrived at Laborcitas Creek Ranch, a hunting season gem and fine stretch of land in Falfurrias, TX. 

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We wasted little time throwing our bags in the room before exchanging our road attire for field gear. The quail population was not ready for us, but the dove were flying thick so with little fuss we loaded up for an afternoon dove hunt. Setting up beneath a mesquite tree, I pulled a box of shells out of my bag, loaded up and proceeded to fulfill Nixon’s desire to retrieve. With the strong flight of birds, we were finished with enough daylight to enjoy a post bird hunt refreshment on the way back to the ranch house. It was a fine way to kick off the few days we had down in South Texas and a precursor to what was in store for us.

Bird Hunting Tips: Dove Hunting

Hunting Dog Tips: Duck Dogs and Doves

On the second morning, I took to a deer stand in hopes of bringing home fresh meat for our table this deer hunting season. With a slight nip to the morning air, my Upland Vest and beanie sure served their purpose before the adrenaline began to flow. A nice buck made his way into view shortly after sunrise, allowing that wish for fresh meat to become a reality, one my family is always glad to receive.

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By mid afternoon, our sights were again set on the dove field. That morning nip was long gone with the Texas sun warming the landscape, so we cut off a few layers and welcomed the new vent system to release that heat. Finding another mesquite tree, we set up around a small watering hole that the dove were all for. The afternoon bird hunting trip proved just as fruitful as the prior day and the dogs were sure glad to put their instincts to use. With spent shells picked up, stools over our shoulders and guns in hand, we proudly carried the game bags to the truck for one last time on this visit. By the following morning, we would be on the road to Houston, sadly leaving the outdoors behind us, but gladly taking the memories and rewards nature afforded us. With proper care, the lands will be there awaiting our return next hunting season. 

bird hunting

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hunting dog

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