Essential Holiday Gift Guide


The crack of a branch - freeze. Heart racing as all the waiting is about to pay off. A swift draw of the bow; release. He's a man of keen instincts and an abiding love of the outdoors. A man who treats firearms with the utmost respect and knows his favorite double-barrel as well as he would any trusted friend.


Reading the surface of the water. Carefully trimming the jib for maximum speed. The perfectly executed tact. He is a man who dreams of the smell of salt wind pouring off the luff. A master of knots and one to always travel light. He enjoys nothing more than skippering his own boat even if he had a crew to do for him. "If there's ever enough wind for my cheek to feel, we'll be under sail."


A steak cooked to the perfect temperature. The smooth sound of a record playing in the background while he reads the paper. The perfect cheese to pair with an after dinner port. He always understood the value of knowledge. The satisfaction of knowing. Understanding how things worked and always wanting to learn why.


The smells of the track; brakes, unburned fuel, tires as they approach optimal temperature. There is something absolutely magical about the track. The lap; piecing together all the tiny movements of the wheel and pedals until they all come together like the score of a famous symphony. He loves to push the limits. Fascinated by man and machine working in perfect harmony. His life dedicated to that tenth of a second.


The mist that rises from the river as the sun comes over the mountain side. Nobody in sight. The whoosh of the fly line acting as a quiet and steady voice over the rushing of the rapids below. Patience. He's a soft spoken man who loves his time with the river. One who knew that if you did everything right you would always be rewarded.