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The Evolution of the Wallet

by Winston Hughes on 09/12/13

Wallets have been in use for longer than most people realize. The concept of a wallet to hold currency and valuables dates back further than anyone can remember--as far as the late 14th century.

The History of Horween Leather

by Winston Hughes on 06/20/13

Chicago's Horween leather company is one of the oldest tanneries in the United States. Founded by Isidore Horween in 1905 and now owned and operated by the fourth generation of the Horween family, the Horween leather company is known for producing some of the finest leather in the nation.

An American History of Men's Belts

by Winston Hughes on 07/11/13

To varying degrees, belts have been integrated into men’s apparel in ways that serve both decorative and pragmatic purposes. The history of the American men's belt is surprisingly rich and diverse, while still adhering to the principle that belts were useful but not meant to be relegated to simply holding up a man’s pants.

Levi Strauss and the Birth of Blue Jeans

by Winston Hughes on 07/11/13

From its humble beginnings as a work pant to an iconic fashion statement, the denim blue jean has been the seat of an enduring fashion empire since 1873. Levi Strauss set out to make durable work pants during the California Gold Rush, and to this day blue jeans are quintessential for work or play.

The History of Zippo: A Spot of Light in the Great Depression

by Winston Hughes on 07/11/13

The birth of the Zippo lighter dates to the deep, dark economic times of the Great Depression. Business entrepreneur George G. Blaisdell originated concept lighter while looking for a tangible product Americans needed and wanted. After much hard work and dedication, Blaisdell developed a simple lighter that was handy, simple to use, well-designed and stylish, and the design soon became an American icon.

The History of the Dopp Kit

by Winston Hughes on 06/18/13

If you're planning to go on the road anytime soon, you can make life more convenient - and look more stylish - by bringing along a Dopp kit. A Dopp kit is a sleek container made of leather or canvas, packed with an astonishing array of compartments. With such a kit, it's easy to store those all-important grooming tools: a razor, shaving cream, comb, toothpaste, and so on. These kits also provide plenty of storage space for items you might need if you're in a pinch, such as mini-flashlights and aspirin. Indeed, the Dopp Kit has been assisting travelers for decades - and it has enjoyed quite a colorful past.

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