Our Commitment to Quality

Intentional Design


Each new Ball and Buck product begins where other products in the market fail to perform. Whether it be low quality materials that quickly fall apart, lack of design intentionally, or a particular product simply not existing the Ball and Buck product journey always begins with us knowing exactly why we are making something.


After scouring any competitive products and reviewing their pros and cons we start with a clean slate and design the new Ball and Buck product from the ground up. Through this development process we work with professional guides and seasoned hunters in the field and can ensure the intentions behind design decisions are realized in the final products.


Unlike many competitors who leave it up to a manufacturer to design, develop, and produce their products because it is easier and less costly to do so, we have our hands in every part of this process. We do this because instead of a factory, who's only focus is to reduce cost, our focus is only to product the highest quality products in the world. This process ends up taking us 1-3 years from start to finish.



Hand Selected Materials


We look at the materials we use in our products like a farm-to-table restaurant looks at their ingredients--carefully selecting each individual material and trim from the best partners in the world. In many cases, we can't find the exact quality we are looking so we work with partners like Horween Leather from Chicago USA to produce proprietary materials that are exclusive to Ball and Buck. Regardless of the source, all fabrics, hardware, zippers and leather are come from people who are the best in the world at what they do.



Rigorous Testing


To further ensure we have the absolute best quality materials, we subject our materials through abrasion testing--applying force and friction for tens of thousands of revolutions to ensure our products will hold up to whatever you throw at them.


Once they pass our standards, actual samples are taken into the field by our founder, and other brand ambassadors where they are literally put to the test in the most demanding conditions. Often times we will even supply unreleased prototype products to the guests on our Signature Expeditions. For example on our Argentina Dove hunt, our group tested out our performance Sportsman's Shirt and performance Field Pant putting north of 100,000 rounds into the product collectively.



Our Manufacturing Partners


We build long lasting relationships with our manufacturing partners who take pride in the products they create. For example, we've been working with Linda in Boston, MA since 2012, Jerri in Minnesota since 2014, and Somellos in Portugal since 2011.


When it's time to set up a new vendor, multiple rounds of sampling and testing take place to ensure that they can deliver product that meets our expectations. This can often take 1-2 years before any products are produced with that partner.



Never-Ending Commitment to Quality


Once a product is finally released into the market, our commitment to quality doesn’t stop. We offer our ironclad guarantee and are committed to supporting our products through our repair program.