Ball and Buck

Abel x Ball and Buck Special Edition Rove Fly Reel in Slate Grey

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Introducing the Abel X Ball and Buck Special Edition Rove Fly Reel, crafted for the rugged adventurer in every angler. With a 4/6 weight, it's your ticket to conquering any North American waterway. Precision-engineered by Abel, this reel boasts aerospace-grade durability, ensuring it withstands the toughest battles. Partnered with Ball and Buck, its design blends stealth and blaze-orange accents, reflecting your adventurous spirit. Featuring a reliable rove system with a cork drag, it's your trusty sidekick for epic fishing escapades. Elevate your angling game with a reel that will last you a lifetime. 


  • Ball and Buck Original Stealth Camo Engraving with Arthur Logo on Drag Knob
  • Orange Handle
  • Caged Frame to Prevent Any Possibility of Line Getting Caught Between the Frame and Spool 
  • High Capacity, Large Arbor Spool for Single or Two Handed Rods 
  • Structurally Integral Machining Design to Withstand the Demands of the Traveling Angler    
  • Quick Change Spool
  • Double Pawl Engagement on All Sizes
  • User Convertible Drag System
  • Made in USA
  • 6.9oz Reel Weight
  • Line Capacity: 145 Yds With 4wt Line | 130 Yds With 5wt Line | 115 Yds With 6wt Line