Why our Brush Pants are best-sellers

July 25th, 2023

Why our Brush Pants are best-sellers

Our Brush Pants are a best seller, but why are they a best seller? And why do people need to have them on the hunt?

Let's start with why people need to have Brush Pants.

Most Upland Hunting is done in locations, or terrain, that is very rough. There can be anything from large rocks, thorns, tall grass, fields, Agave plants, up into the mountains. I mean, it’s just generally rough terrain.

I’ve hunted at least 7 different brands of Brush Pants over the years, and I can say that Ball and Buck’s Brush Pants are, by far, the most durable and comfortable brush pants I’ve worn. I wore them hunting from southern Arizona to Colorado and everywhere in-between this Fall. In Arizona, it genuinely seemed like everything down there wanted to kill you. I didn't get poked or cut one time. I was just very impressed with how tough the brush pants were without being abrasive, uncomfortable, or difficult to wear. They are really meant to withstand a lot.

We know that our customers walk…a lot. Wearing cotton and other organic materials with features like the ones Ball and Buck have will defiantly improve your hunting experience.


  • Made of extremely durable 12.29oz military spec cotton canvas for years of heavy use
  • Water and brush repellant panels on front and back reinforced with 8.25oz Shelter Wax to protect the most vulnerable areas
  • Reinforced Bar Tacks and rivets at all stress points for extreme durability
  • Permanent shank button at waist, won’t pop off like a button
  • YKK solid brass zipper, the best on the market
  • Snap closure side pockets for secure storage and to prevent seeds and brush from entering the pockets
  • Functional back Pockets for storage
  • Original Camo Pocket Lining
  • Hand-sewn in Boston, MA USA

Why are Ball and Buck Brush Pants so comfortable and how? What about fit?

Fit and comfort is a big deal for sportsmen and women such as myself, especially because we are moving or maybe staying still for extended time periods.

I’m 6’4, 284 pounds, and I wear a 35-inch inseam and they’re just about right. They're made like a fine pair of pants where there's extra material, so you can have them altered, taken in, taken out, lengthened. You can have them hemmed, which is a real plus when you may be a size that's a little bit in between.

And as durable as these Brush Pants are, they're equally comfortable. Ball and Buck has sewn in a corridor crotch to help with durability. They’re light enough to not wear on your legs, but again, from personal wear and tear, the comfortability and fit is great.