Dispatch: San Juan, Puerto Rico

With a midday wandering of Old San Juan under my feet, an empty doorway housing a staircase calls my name to take a short break. Arriving upstairs, the atmosphere of this space would make even Hemingway crack a little smile before ordering his drink, so I follow suit taking a seat at the corner of the bar. 

An ocean breeze sails through the open balcony window filling the space with a continuous dose of humid, salt air one can nearly taste. Sheltered from the sun, this breeze deliver a soothing reprieve to the afternoon heat of the tropics, regardless of its high humidity. With moisture puddling around the base of my beverage, there is no arguing that a cool drink in a hot atmosphere is the recipe for relief. Just seeing the clear contents of the booze encompassing the lone ice cube make one feel cooler. To allow this to melt further will not benefit anyone. Down the hatch. I can hear the ship summoning my return. 

Next time you pull up to a bar, pick a drink that fits the mood. For this occasion, I requested a variation on the old-fashioned to combat the heat of the day with its refreshing notes. 

2 oz gin
2 dashes lavender bitters
1/2 oz simple syrup
Garnish with an orange
Serve over a single cube of ice

Click here to see more from Ball and Buck photographer at large John Dunaway

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