How to Shuck an Oyster


Wash the oysters off throughly, especially if you’ve just pulled them from the water. Make sure you have the right tools. An oyster shucker and a good pair of gloves, or heavy rag, to secure the oyster are essential. Find a flat surface to shuck on. 

Pry the Hinge

Gently insert the oyster knife into the hinge of the oyster. Careful not to crack the oyster shell. Once you’ve got the knife in the shell, pry it open slightly by slowly working the knife back and forth.  

The Slip

With the blade inside the shell, and before the oyster is totally opened, slide the blade the length of the oyster, freeing it from the inside of the shell.

The Open

Gently open the oyster with the knife making sure not to spill the water from inside of the oyster. Again, using the knife make sure the oyster is free from the inside of the shell, then clear any broken bits of shell that may have ended up inside.


Add lemon, cocktail sauce or mignonette, serve promptly and enjoy.

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