Dispatch: Nantahala River

Tell us about where you went. 

So we went to Highlands, North Carolina to fish the Nantahala in early June.

Can you describe it for us?

We hiked down this long dirt trail.  Just an enchanted place. Really nice pools with some tight casting. 

Awesome, what kind of fishing did you do?

It’s all trout fishing. I did hopper-dropper kind of stuff. Dry fly, little nymph. Caught on the nymph, off a little dry. 

Sounds great. Must have been a great escape.

It was. Think about being inside the set of Lord of the Rings with a fly rod. You just tuck down in these awesome huge deep pools with trees over flowing. Absolutely ridiculous.  

What did you pack?

I had a pair of Ball and Buck x Randolph Angler glasses, an Angler's Shirt and a Kletter Flip from Kletterwerks.

Cool. Thanks sir. 

Thank you!

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