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To bridge the gap between the city and country, trail and boat, road and garden is precisely what the New Balance X Ball and Buck 585 has accomplished. As an ecologist, storyteller, and sporting gentleman, I had the opportunity to bring the 585 along for a ride from the shores of California to the coast of New England. 

It all started earlier this summer when our backyard garden buzzed with that new summer buzz that comes about when your sunflowers, zucchini, sweet peas and strawberries begin tempting you to harvest them with keen hands; it’s a time when our coastal seas are brimming with salmon, and our oak peppered valleys shine golden in the summer sun.

Road trips, adventures and warm nights watching the sunset pour across a view to feast on is what makes summer my favorite of the season, and this summer’s been no different.

With America’s birthday passed and gone, my eyes spanned the nation and headed east where much of my family has laid roots, and where I, since my first days, have enjoyed the heart of summer from that giant sandbar we call Cape Cod.

My New Balance x Ball and Buck 585s were along for a summer of the ages, and what a summer it’s been. 

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