How To Clean a Dove

During the early 18th century, anyone who ventured through Texas, discovered the land was a hunting and fishing treasure cove. An anonymous writer published an article called “Tales of the Hunt” and he/she was the first known person to describe dove hunting in written form. “Hundreds and thousands of wild doves come flying from all directions of the globe and light in the sunflower and millet fields or the prairie near the farm waterholes or in post oak trees, where they delight the hunter’s heart with their simple but melodious song.” Dove could be shot in plentitude on the wing or perched in trees and tasted very good “if properly prepared and cooked.”

We are here to talk to you about how to properly prepare your dove. 

First you want to take the dove by the wings, and cut it’s wings off one by one at the base where it attaches to the body. 

Next you want to grab it by the feet and rip the skin apart. 

Then you are going to expose the breast of the dove and stick your finger between the bone and the breast from head to tail. 

Pull gently on the breast until it is finally separated. 

Clean properly, remove all pellets and feathers. 

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