Michigan Opener | Duck Hunt

Its that time of year again and we are headed up to for the Michigan duck hunt opener at St. Helen Shooting Club. This trip marks 25 years of tradition. While the trip is the overall tradition, we have other traditions we participate in during the trip. 

Our first on the way up to the club, Big Boys. Always good, always filling, the perfect fuel for the rest of the ride up, unpacking, and hitting the lake to harvest some duck. 

Upon arriving to the club, we see returning faces, remember the faces who didn’t return this year, and carry on our traditions while preparing our for the day ahead. First, a game dinner. Goose, duck, deer, veggies, all harvested and prepared by the members of the club. Then comes the prep for the hunt. We start by gathering in the common room of the club and participating in the passing of the pill bottle. The pill bottle can make or break your hunt. In the pill bottle there are numbered cubes 1-10. If you draw a number 1, you will be able to choose which blind you are in first. 

Picking a blind involves factors like wind direction, past activity, and location. Ideally you want the wind coming from behind you which is why we chose Deer point. Hunting is not only about pulling the trigger, its about tradition, skill, family, friends, nature, as well as resilience. We had a great hunt and can’t wait to head to the next opener. 

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