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Danner x Ball and Buck Leather Care Dopp Kit in Original Camo

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Even the finest leather needs to be cared for in order to last. Left unconditioned and exposed to the elements, leather will dry out, crack and flake. Don’t worry — a little elbow grease can prolong and restore the life of your leather boots. Our leather care kit includes all the tools you need to clean, condition and protect your investment. Included is a special version of the Ball and Buck Dopp Kit that houses all the care kit items. The dopp kit can be used for these boot care items, toiletries while traveling, gun cleaning supplies, or anything needing a convenient zippered storage bag. Made from Ball and Buck Original Camo with a water-repellant lining that protects against spills. Please note these care products are only intended only for full-grain leather products.


  • Original Ball and Buck Camo Dopp Kit (9.5"X 4"X 4")
  • 3.5" x 1.5" Pig Hair Dusting Brush
  • 5 ozBottle of Suede and Leather Cleaner
  • 17" x 7" Cotton Cleaning Cloth
  • 1.7 oz Clear Boot Dressing


  • Made in USA
  • Original Camo Duck Cotton Shell
  • Blaze Orange Nylon Lining
  • Signature Leather Details
  • Unstructured Packable Design
  • Debossed Ball and Buck Trademark Logo

Suede & Leather Cleaner
This cleaning product removes most stains caused by dirt, salt, food, beverages, grass, fatty greases, cosmetics, and other contaminates. Use with Danner Waterproofing Gel or Danner Boot Dressing for best results.

Cotton Cloth
Complete with our Danner logo, this 17" x 7" square cloth is made of a washable 100% cotton and is extra soft on one side. It's the perfect tool for applying boot dressing.

Boot Dressing
Formulated to keep full-grain leather from drying and cracking and should be used to recondition boots after hard use. Can also be used to help soften leather when breaking in new boots. The compound is water resistant and allows for breathability, which is especially important for the performance of GORE-TEX lined boots. For use on full-grain leather only.

Original Camo