Deluxe Compact Scoped Bolt Action Rifle Case

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The Negrini 1619LX/5287 Rifle Case is internationally certified and tested for air travel. the hard leather gun case is constructed with a double-wall ABS which is upholstered with the best fabric and cushioning. the 1619LX/5287 single bolt action rifle case holds a single scoped rifle with a barrel up to 24in. the rifle travel case with felt interior has separate compartments for gear and accessories. It’s the best hard rifle case for traveling and accommodates RUGER All American rifles, T/C bolt action rifles, Winchester, Browning X-Bolt, and lever action rifles. 



  • LX – Leather Trim and Handle with a Fully Upholstered Felt Interior
  • Accessory or Bolt Storage with Removable Upholstered Die-Cut Foam
  • Integrated Handle
  • Fitted Compartment for Single Scoped Rifles or Other Long Guns
  • 1x Steel Composite TSA Accepted Combination Lock
  • 2x Glass-Reinforced Polymer/Steel Locks
  • Overall Rifle Length 44in.