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Floating Training Dummies 2-Pack

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Elevate your retriever training sessions and hone your dog's retrieval skills on both land and water with the King Buck Floating Training Dummies. This training dummy system is designed to enhance the training experience for novice dogs, helping them develop their retrieving abilities with confidence and precision.

Each pack includes two marking dummies. The combination of dummies offers versatile training options, allowing you to tailor the exercises to your dog's progress and abilities. Choose from two colors—Upland Orange or White Cloud—to suit your preference and style.

Both dummies feature a generous length of 3/8-inch nylon rope, providing easy handling, throwing, and retrieval. The durable construction ensures these marking dummies withstand rigorous training sessions and repeated use.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the King Buck Floating Training Dummies exemplify the brand's commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. Train with confidence, knowing you have a reliable tool to aid in your retriever's development.


  • Pack of Two Marking Dummies for Advanced Training Sessions: Small (10"X 2") and Large (11" X 2.5")
  • Enhances Retriever Training Sessions for Novice Dogs
  • Improves Retrieval Skills on Land and in Water
  • Available in Two Colors: Upland Orange or White Cloud
  • Generous Length of 3/8-inch Nylon Rope for Easy Handling, Throwing, and Retrieval
  • Durable Construction for Longevity and Repeated Use

Experience the difference in retriever training with the King Buck Marking Dummy's. Invest in a system designed to elevate your dog's retrieval skills and foster a stronger bond between you and your loyal companion.


WARNING: California`s Proposition 65

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