Geovid 3200.COM 8x56 mm Rangefinder

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Leica’s highly anticipated Geovid 3200.COM rangefinding binoculars now come with Bluetooth connectivity, ranging to a true 3,200 yards.

Hunters and precision long range shooters who want to hit their targets reliably over long distances, at the range or in the mountains in every weather condition, require reliable, repeatable ballistic readings – within fractions of a second. the revolutionary Leica Geovid 3200.COM with Bluetooth measures precisely to a true 3,200 yards on non-reflective targets. Industry leading optical quality and a rugged sleek design gives the new Geovid a long life and lasting value. As a binocular and rangefinder, it combines unmatched precision and performance with a new more robust Bluetooth platform.


Coupling these new features and Leica’s unrivaled optical qualities it gives shooters a new level of confidence in any situation mother nature can throw at them. Using the new Leica Hunting App, the Geovid 3200.COM can now be quickly and easily adjusted and managed. Linking to a “Kestrel Elite” wind meter also allows you to utilize advanced “Applied Ballistics” incorporating your personalized ballistic values. Connectivity with the Apple Watch via your smartphone also means that ballistic data and correction values can be transmitted silently and error-free. for precise, repeatable, measurements you can rely on – anywhere and anytime.



  • Precise Repeatable Rangefinding up to a True 3,200 Yards - Even on Non-reflective Targets in Difficult Weather and Light Conditions
  • 3 Output Formats: Ehr, Holdover and Number of Clicks
  • On Board Sensors Give Air Pressure, Temperature and Angle Readings
  • Superior Optical Quality, Sleek Rugged Design
  • Connection to "Kestrel Elite" Wind Meter Gives the Ability to Utilize "Applied Ballistics" Solutions Out to 3200 Yards
  • Silent and Error-Free Data Transmission to the Apple Watch via Smartphone