Ball and Buck

New Balance X Ball and Buck US574 - Mountain Green

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The second chapter of the Ball and Buck and New Balance’s partnership takes the same iconic formula and introduces New Balance’s Mountain Green color as the base. Every show includes a hand stamped brass number plate to indicate which of the 176 pairs you received.

Ball and Buck has partnered with New Balance, a legend in its commitment to USA manufacturing, to build an offering that combines the iconic elements of both brands. At its core, the show is classic New Balance—a beautiful silhouette in their beautiful mountain green colorway. Then we added a touch of Ball and Buck by integrating the signature Ball and Buck Camo in 10oz duck cloth that is both sophisticated and purposeful. We finished off the show with a pop of color by using blaze orange for the heel tab and footbed to bring in the hunting inspiration that runs through all of our products.

Limited Edition of 176 Pairs.

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