Ball and Buck

Scott x Ball and Buck Special Edition Centric Fly Rod

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Introducing the Scott x Ball and Buck Special Edition Centric Fly Rod, which is a testament to craftsmanship and adventure. This limited-edition collaboration is handmade in Colorado by Scott Fly Rods and boasts unmatched strength and flexibility. Blaze orange and dark green accents pay homage to the outdoors. This nine-foot, five-weight, four-piece rod is collapsable for easy transport and travel. Every rod includes a Ball and Buck original camo rod sleeve, and it's your ticket to reeling in those monster trout with confidence. It’s ideal for the fishermen in your life, and it's more than just the only rod you need – it's a legacy. 


• Signature Blaze Orange and Dark Green Wraps
• Gunstock Walnut Reel Seat
• Special Edition Green and Blaze Orange Rod Tube with Brass Arthur Engraved Cap
• Hand Painted Collaboration Insignia
• Fast Action with Incredible Stability and Accuracy
• Industry Leading Carbon Fiber Technology for Superior Casting Efficiency and Accuracy
• Mil-spec III Black Anodized Proprietary Reel Seat
• American Made Guides From Snake Brand®
• Titanium Guide Frames
• Multi Modulus Fiber Lay Up With Natural Power Fiber Finish
• Fiberfuse Enhanced Resin Offering a 20% Stronger Bond