Ball And Buck Gift Ideas

December 15th, 2023

Ball And Buck Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year where finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life takes center stage. The age old question remains, “what do you get the guy who has everything?” Well, dear reader, let me help you with a few ideas:

Wallets come in all forms and sizes, and as a holder for your cash and cards they should be easy to stow and mostly unnoticable once stowed. The perfect wallet looks different for many men, but there will alwayd be a place for well executed minimalism. If less means more to the person you’re buying for, check out the Ball and Buck signature wallet

Books. Does it seem outdated? Maybe, but in the age of constant distraction and 24 hour news nothing brings you back to yourself like a quality read. 

Possibly the greatest American Novelist of the 21st century, Amor Towles paints one of the most perfect pictures of a life well lived in A Gentleman In Moscow.

Ernest Hemmingway, a consumate adventurer and author, wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls after his time as a journalist during the Spanish Revolution. This book is widely seen as one of his greatest works and remains relevant with each generation that struggles with the human costs of war.

No bookshelf would be complete without a tribute to James Phenimore Cooper’s “Leatherstocking Tales” of which, The Deerslayer is the chronological first. In this series of novels, follow the heroic adventures of Natty Bumpo as he stands up for what is right in the American wilderness of the French Indian Wars.

A great camera that he will actually use. I’ve been a camera nerd since the earliest I can remember. I often find myself perusing the newest years things that I probably shouldn’t buy, but this year i found myself in in possession of the best camera I have ever owned but wanted something a bit more practical and compact for shooting candids. I ended up buying a FujiFilm X100V and loving it. If a zoom lense is a must, then you should take a look at the Sony R100VII. These small cameras will turn out pro quality images and don’t require toting around 30 extra pounds of gear to get them.

Automatic watches have long been a mark of sophistication. They aren’t any more effective at telling the time than a cell phone, but they do bring some peace of mind and a bit of class to the arm of most guys who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any kind of jewelry.

Manly Footwear never loses style! A quality set of boots will outlive the wearer. I had a 25 year old pair of Danners in my closet when I finally splurged and decided it was time to replace more than just the soles. These things are made to last and they turn a lot of heads with their classic looks and camouflage accents.

And if you don’t feel like replacing your old boot, you should at least take care of them so they last a few more seasons.

Most of us aren’t great about taking time for ourselves, and as we get older we get stuck in our hobbies. If you have the means, definitely look into booking an experience! These trips we put on are a great way to enjoy new life adventures without having to worry about a ton of coordinating guides and unwittingly putting yourself in danger. I can’t think of a single person io know who wouldn’t love the chance to escape to Patagonia. This year, make someone’s dreams come true.