Duck Season Finale '16

When the sun set this evening, duck season officially came to a close across the state of Texas and much of the country along with it. Even with the persistent warm weather that never felt the presence of a good Arctic Blast to replenish our birds, the year still ended with a successful haul. I do not have totals just for El Capitan, but these are the numbers from the club throughout this years duck season. Keep in mind the limit is 6.1537

1537 client hunts

7507 birds killed

4.88 birds/person for each hunt

Although individual results may vary, for those of us whom hunted regularly, we kept putting birds on the water. Those are hard numbers, ones that make a rather difficult argument as to whom else shoots that consistent in their duck season properties. Thanks to Gene and all of the folks at Oyster Bayou for the continued efforts throughout the year that make this possible.

Also to close out the year, we ended up making 150 lb of duck sausage from our killings at a 50/50 pork mix. All in all, it was another hell of a time hunting with everyone and looking forward to next season. Some folks went to Canada, others shot pheasants in South Dakota, but whom else wants to find a flooded timber hunt to whack mallards as the descend through the trees next season? Planning starts now.

Check here for more from Ball and Buck photographer at large John Dunaway.

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