How To Guide: Hydroponic Gardening

The best way to ensure you are eating enough fresh vegetables is to grow them yourself. If you don't have the yard to grow them in there is always the option to grow them indoors with a hydroponic system. This is a simple how to guide to make your very own. We hope you enjoy yours.

What you will need:
- Bucket with lid
- Drill
- Drillbit
- Fish tank bubbler + air hose
- Wax coated paper cups
- Razor blade
- Scissors

Step 1
Drill 4 holes equally spaced into lid

Step 2
Cut the top of the paper cup 1 inch higher than where it stops fitting through the hole
Step 3
Cut 6 rectangular grooves around the cup. This is so the roots can be exposed to as much water as possible.

Step 4
Cut triangular or rectangular holes on the bottom of the cup but be sure keep the structural integrity of the cup so it can hold the soil and plant.

Step 5
Drill a hole in the lid the size of the air tube connected to the bubbler.

Step 6
Fill the bucket with water an inch under where the bottom of the cup sits.

Once all of the steps are complete place the lid with the air tube running through it onto the bucket. Turn on the bubbler and place the plants (in the cups) into the holes.

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